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Vision and Goals

The journal was founded in 1991 by the The Academic College at Wingate to provide a platform for scientists from the College and from other institutions to share their research in fields of knowledge related to movement and sport.

BITNUAA (MOVEMENT) is a multi-disciplinary scientific peer-reviewed journal that offers the sharing of knowledge and scientific reflections by professionals in the field of physical activity.

The purpose of the journal is to encourage academic discourse in physical education and sport science disciplines.

Starting in 2018, the journal is published as Open access, in addition to a limited print edition. The journal's International Standard Serial Number is ISSN 6391-0792. It usually publishes articles in Hebrew with English abstracts. Authors interested to publish full papers in English are welcome and encouraged to write to the Editor:

Prof. Yeshayahu "Shayke" Hutzler shayke@wincol.ac.il 

Current Issue

Movement, Vol. 12(4), 2020

Movement, Vol. 12(4), 2020











The contents of our most recent issues appear below

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 Movement, Vol. 11(1), 2015

 Movement, Vol. 10(4), 2014

Movement, Vol. 10(3), 2013 


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