Physical Activity and Healthy Aging at the Wingate College

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People are living longer, and the aged population is rapidly increasing. It is now generally accepted that chronic and systematic exercise throughout life, when accompanied by reasonable health habits, increases life expectancy. In recent years, there has been also increasing evidence that physical activity is a viable public health intervention for increasing or maintaining quality of life in old age.
As a consequence, the Wingate College has established a special unique program of studies on physical activity in old age.

 movie Physical Activity in Old Age – An Area of Specialization

Aim: to prepare professionally and academically qualified teachers for working with older adults.  The program includes courses in the physiological,
medical and psychosocial characteristics of older adults as well as fieldwork.
Orientation: The program focuses on typical changes related to aging based on the assumption that old age is not a disease.  However as aging also entails pathologies, the main diseases are also discussed and appropriate physical activity programs are taught.
Selected courses: Psychosocial Aspects of Aging, The Aging Musculo-Skeletal and nervous System, The Aging Cardiorespiratory System, Fitness Room for Older Adults
Principles of Teaching Physical Activity in Old Age
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 Program Head: Ayelet Dunsky Ph.D.
Dr. Dunsky is the current program head, following the former head Prof. Yael Netz who initiated the area of specialization of Exercise for the Elderly. 
Ayelet is conducting research in the field of gerontology and exercise for the elderly. Her main research interest is physical activity in old age, and physical activity and biomechanical functioning.
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Biodex isokinetic strength test
Biodex isokinetic strength test

Research and program development
In addition to teaching courses on aging, and preparing qualified teachers for working with older adults, the leading team of the aging studies at the Wingate College is dedicated to research and program development for improved physical activity, health and well-being of older adults. The goals are to:
  • Facilitate research on physical activity that improves the quality of life of older adults.
  • Enhance faculty and researcher expertise in aging related topics.
  • Increase awareness of issues related to activity and health of elderly in Israel.
  • Serve as a resource for physical activity and aging data, information and training opportunities.
  • Encourage collaborations and partnerships among academics, health and human service providers, community and state leaders, policy makers, universities, students, organizations and agencies that are interested in improving the lives of older adults through active life style.

Special events
In order to promote research on aging and collaboration with other academic and services organizations, the area of specialty "physical activity in old age" is holding seminars and workshops. Physical activity for Parkinson's disease patients and for Alzheimer's disease patients are two examples.
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