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מייל: alon1000@012.net.il

כהן דניאלה

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תפקיד: Daniela Cohen, PhD, is a social neuroscientist researcher. She is interested in social mechanisms and behaviors that are related to the brain and human behavior. She studied her PhD, at Haifa University at the social cognitive and affective neuroscience lab. Cohen’s work studies the underlying mechanisms of social behavior in a few domains, such as neuropharmacological studies and brain imaging. Since 2017 Daniela is holding a post doc fellowship at the IDC Herzliya investigating the world of virtual reality in the service of social neuroscience. Daniela also lectures about the physiological m

מייל: daniela.ddd172@gmail.com

ד"ר כהן רונה

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תפקיד: רכזת תכנית "אקדמיה כיתה" ומרצה בתואר הראשון

מייל: ronac@wincol.ac.il

טלפון: 09-8629237