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חיפוש סגור

Belly Dancing Practical Course for Women

30 frontal hours (5 ECTs)

Course Instructor: Alina Pichersky


A. Aims


The student acquires basic movement terms in the language of belly dancing, with a focus on isolation of parts of the body and creating movement flow comprised of the subjects taught.


B. Curriculum







Basic dance technique in belly dancing: Shaking movements, Shimi of different kinds, tremors, isolation of movements, Shimi walks, movement with common rhythms: baladi, samodi


Integration of arm and hand movement with movement in space. Combinations and practice of classical vs folk styles, Classical versus folk style, surges; the dynamics between melodic and rhythmic movements.



Review and summary



C. Methods


Practical lessons are accompanied by illustrations and practice


D. Student Obligations

1. Practice of movement sentences and movements taught from lesson to lesson, according to the teacher's instructions.

2. Movement exercise at end of course

3. Students are required to attend in attire the allows movement, dance shoes, socks/barefoot (no exercise shoes) and a scarf for tying around the waist.

4. Active attendance and participation in at least 80% of lessons are required.




E. Grade Composition


1. Practical tests throughout the course – 75%

2. A written paper – 25%


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קרא עוד

Belly Dancing Practical Course for Women


קרא עוד