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Avraham Rotem

Former Head of the Security Division of the Israel Security Agency (ISA). Held several senior positions in the ISA and other governmental security bodies, including Head of the Dignitary Security Unit. Owner and CEO of an international security firm.

Assaf Hefetz

Former Israel Police Commissioner. Established and served as the first commander of the  police force's elite anti-terror unit, filled numerous other senior positions in the force. Senior adviser on security, anti-terror activities and operations and crime fighting.

Dr. Ephraim Laor

Internationally renowned expert on managing disaster situations and affected areas. Until recently, Chair of the State of Israel's Steering Committee dealing with preparations for major earthquakes. Head of Department and lecturer at Haifa University's Disaster Studies program and in other academic institutions.

Haim Kenig

Former senior official at the ISA. Held a variety of positions, in which he dealt with intelligence, security issues and investigations, including Head of the Investigations Division. Holds an M.A. degree from Haifa University's Faculty of Political Science, specializing in national security; as well as an M.B.A. from Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Presently an advisor, lecturer and entrepreneur.

Dr. Yoram Dubovsky

CEO of Nofar Consulting, serves as a senior consultant in organizational management and development. Senior member of the Israeli Association for Organizational Development, and Chair of the Committee for Promoting Organizational Consulting in Israel. Directs the continuing studies program in Organizational Consulting at Bar-Ilan University.

Yonatan Covrigaro

Head of Coordination Directorate of Land Law Enforcement in the  Negev – Ministry of Public Security
Former senior official and member of staffe of supreme command of ISA.
Held variety of intelligence, security and training positions including the Head of Training Division in the ISA.  
Emba from Tel Aviv University. Graduation of the Israeli College of National Security. Graduation of   The Columbia Senior Executive Program, School of Business Administration, University of Columbia, USA

List of lecturers

The Homeland Security Academy's courses and seminars are delivered by lecturers who are both recognized and highly experienced experts in their respective fields:

Nir Ran, Academy founder, Security and Security Management

Former director of the Combat & Security Academy of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA). Held a variety of senior positions in the ISA and in other governmental security agencies. Holds a BA in Political Science and Public Administration and an MA in Geography & Disaster Area Management (Haifa University, Israel). CEO of Axiom Security and Management.

Ifat Shani Amar, Chief Operating Officer 

Former IDF officer, in charge of Training and Courses development in the IDF liaison, foreign relations and strategic development division. BA in Psychology and Management. Organizational Consulting graduate in the continuing education program of Bar-Ilan University.

Nimrod Firstenberg, Operations Officer

Former senior instructor at the School of Combat & Security of the ISA. Filled several positions in the ISA, including Regional Security Manager, as well as in other governmental security bodies.

Shmulik Philosof, Chief Instructor

Former senior official of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA). Held a variety of security positions in Israel and abroad. Former Head of the Security Division of the Foreign Ministry and Head of the governmental dignitary protection unit of the ISA. In the business sector he has held a number of senior positions. Presently, chief instructor at HLS academy and COO at Axiom Security and Management.

Meir Gershuni

Recently retired from the ISA. Former Director of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affair's Security Bureau, where his responsibilities included the security of the Ministry's personnel in both Israel and abroad, and the implementation of protective measures for Israel's diplomatic missions, diplomatic corps and for the Ministry's classified information. He holds a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Political Science, specializing in national security (Haifa University, Israel).

Amnon Shechori 

Former Deputy of security and protection Dep, ISA headquarters. Held series of varied posts in the Israeli national security array worldwide and in ISA, including: Aviation and embassy security manager and head of branch for training and instruction of security managers at the security academy in ISA.

Avraham Rotem

Former Head of the ISA Security Division. Filled a long list of senior positions in the ISA and in other governmental security agencies, including Head of the Dignitary Security Unit. Owner & CEO of an international security consulting company.

Aviv Oreg

A veteran of the Israeli intelligence community, headed the al-Qaeda and global jihad desk in the Analysis and Research Division of the IDF Intelligence Branch. Following his discharge from the military, he founded CeifiT (Civil Effort in Fighting International Terrorism), which advises international- governmental, institutional and private - entities on issues relating to confronting global jihad and al-Qaeda threat. Oreg is a member of the advisory council of the terrorism and insurgency project of Imperial College Press in London and serves as a guest lecturer in academic and security institutions around the world.

Dr. Yoram Dubovsky

CEO of Nofar Consulting, serves as a senior consultant in organizational management and development. Senior member of the Israeli Association for Organizational Development, and Chair of the Committee for Promoting Organizational Consulting in Israel. Directs the continuing studies program in Organizational Consulting at Bar-Ilan University.

Assaf Heffetz, Inspector General of Police (ret.)

Former Inspector General of the Israel Police. Was the founder and first commander of the Israeli Count Terror SWAT police unit. Served in a number of senior positions in the Israeli Police and security forces. Currently senior adviser on security, counter terror and Crime Prevention.

Arie Rotter, ADV.

FORMER: senior deputy to the central  district attorney; Head of the legal advisory division, I.S.A.
Graduate: Bar Ilan University (B.A.+ M.A.- law studies), Haifa University ( M.A.- national security studies); Graduate and instructor of the I.N.D.C. (The  Israeli National Defence College), I.D.F. 
Senior consultant to the state comptroller.

Haim Kenig, Intelligence

Former Head of the ISA's Interrogation Division. Holds a Master’s degree in Political Science, specializing in national security, as well as an MBA.

Dr. Ephraim Laor

Internationally renowned expert in managing disaster areas and situations. Served as the Chairman of the the State of Israel's Steering Committee for dealing with earthquakes. Department head and lecturer in the Disaster Studies program of Haifa University and in other academic bodies.

Menahem Yablonski

Expert in organizational development programs and learning processes in private and public organizations. Served in the ISA from 1984 till 2005. Academic director of Israel Institute of Management's course in decision making. Holds an Executive MBA (Recanati Business School, Tel Aviv University, Israel).


Orly Bonjack

Clinical Psychologist, expert in organizational behavior. Has acquired extensive experience in instructing managers.

Ortal Duzly 

Personal Coach,  part of the Success Unlimited Network international coaching community using NLP skills.
Facilitator of Conflict Management and Negotiation. Conducting workshops at the Prime Minister's office; Ono Academic College;  Leader - Foreign Studies of Ono Academic College  and more.
Lecturing a course of "Dynamic and Negotiation" at the Open University for B.A and M.A  degrees.
Certified facilitator by "FreshBiz" – Gamification workshops developing Entrepreneurial Thinking.  
Holds an  M.A degree in Conflict Management and Negotiation and a graduate of mediators course in resolving  conflicts in the community from Bar Ilan University.

Perry Novotny, Adv.,Esq.

Member of the Israel & New York (U.S.) State Bars; former member of the Israel National Police. 
Heads office which provides consulting, training and representation related to security issues. 
Certified by Israel National Police, Israel Security Service, Ministry of Defense and Israel Defence Force to conduct legal training of security personnel.

Pinhas Gurevitch 

Business management and marketing. Focuses on strategic business guidance. Specializes in building business plans based on detailed planning, marketing differentiation and advanced financial management. CEO of a public company in industry sector. Accompaniment during business or environmental changes.

Pini Fast

Held a number of senior positions at the ISA, including Director of its Training Academy. Organizational and management consultant to companies and organizations. Moderator of training programs on the development of personal and administrative skills for groups of executives and employees.

Ramy Lib

Organizational consultant, holder of an MA degree. Served for many years in the ISA, in the development and delivery of instructional and training programs and workshop management, as well as the psychologist of the ISA School of Security and Anti-terror. Mr. Liv is also an organizational consultant and provides coaching to companies and organizations.

Sigalit Shahar

Head Of Industry & Environment Division. M. Occ. H., Master in Occupational Health, Tel-Aviv University, B. Sc. in Chemistry, Tel-Aviv University (cum laude). Leading a team of more than 10 engineers, environment experts  and safety experts and with more than 20 years of experience as a consultant in the field of EHS (Environment, health and safety). Instructing and training in various subjects in the fields of environment, safety in the workplace, safety, hazardous materials for managers, safety officers and professional workers in various organizations.      

Zohar Hamenachem

Filled several senior security positions both in the private and the public sector, including, among others: Security Manager of the Diamond Exchange, Aviation Security Officer in the UK and Head of the Air Marshal Unit of El Al Israel Airlines and Head of the Security Department of the Postal Services. He currently holds the position of Chief Science Officer, Israel Discount Bank.

Eyal Sagi

CTO at Axiom. Security systems designer and consultant. With diverse experience in a variety of security technologies companies. Holds a BA in Life Science and MCP from John Bryce College.

Amir Fleischman

Marketing and competitive intelligence (CI) expert. Founder of Cicom Global, supplier of market research and CI services, member of The Israeli Forum for Competitive Intelligence (FIMAT) steering committee, editor of The Intelligence quarterly, consultant and top lecturer of marketing and CI at the Jerusalem College of Technology, Haifa University, Open University, The Israeli Export Institute and the Small and Medium Sized Business Development Center (MATI). Previously held the position of CI manager at NICE, marketing manager at Edusoft, economic research manager at Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and managing director of Commares Data.

Dr. Shay Hershkovitz

Security Studies MA Program - Department of Political Science, Tel-Aviv University
Department of Communication, Bar-Ilan University

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