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The Homeland Security Academy at The Wingate College is the first HLS Academy in Israel, aimed to convoy decades of security experience and knowhow to the public, business and private sectors.

The Homeland Security Academy trains security managers, security officers and functionaries, operating in the business public sectors, to execute all the activities required of them under routine and in emergencies and crises.

The professional foundation and the unique vast know-how of the Academy's experts is based on an in-depth analysis of adversaries' modus operandi and countless terrorist and criminal incidents that have taken place around the world. Along with first-hand experience in coping with terror attacks and proven methodologies, developed for dealing with terrorism and crime on the other hand.

The HLS Academy offers the following programs, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client:

The Homeland Security Academy also bears the stamp of approval from the Israel Police, confirming that its training operations conform to the highest required standards for training security officers and managers according to police regulations.

Participants in all the above courses and seminars receive security training at the highest professional level, and are also provided with the most effective security management tools, to ensure optimal results.

All courses and trainings can take place at our college facilities in Israel or at facilities in the client's country.

The programs are delivered in English, as well as in several additional languages

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