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| | 28/02/2019

aims & objectives

  • To instruct and instill homeland security as a profession in itself
  • To establish sound management processes as a means of constantly improving security measures and preparedness for emergencies 
  • To impart a uniform and common language that can be used by those engaging in security professions
  • To raise the levels of operational preparedness and security in the public and private sectors
  • To increase the community's awareness to the need to prepare for large scale, sudden disasters
  • To enhance the ability of the community and individuals to deal with emergency situations resulting from large scale sudden disasters 

The Homeland Security Academy's mission is to: 

  • Impart the know-how and skills required to manage and oversee complex security systems in routine times and emergency situations.
  • Certify its graduates as security managers and security officers.
  • Increase awareness and improve readiness to deal with large scale sudden disasters and other emergency situations.
  • Train managers and other personnel in public and private sector organizations to prepare for emergency situations.

The Academy's values:

  • Securing and protecting human life is the first and foremost priority
  • Security is not a goal in itself, but rather a means to enable organizations and companies to continue their routine activities while ensuring the security of their employees and guests visiting their facilities
  • Lecturers benefiting from broad expertise and numerous years of hand-on experience
  • Keeping abreast of new developments and innovations in the field of security
  • The student is at the center of attention
  • Fairness in student evaluation and feedback 

The values the Academy aims to instill in its trainees:

  • Curiosity and inquisitiveness
  • A desire to constantly improve
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Reliability
  • Provision of high quality services


The Homeland Security Academy at Wingate College will set the professional standard in instruction and training in the field of security and in security management, and will serve as a leader in enhancing awareness and preparedness for emergency situations caused by large-scale, sudden disasters.
As in all professional fields, in security as well the quickest and surest way to change and improve is through professional and effective management. This is the reason why we chose to focus on planning, managing and overseeing security systems.

We, at the Academy, are confident that our course graduates will be proficient in planning, establishing and managing effective security systems that will make the most of the budget, personnel and other means allocated for this purpose.
Managers graduating from the Wingate Homeland Security Academy will, in many cases, not only enhance the level of security, but also reduce security expenses. Moreover, they will be able to tailor the security program to meet the specific needs and aims of the organizations they serve, and thus contribute to their organization's image both vis-à-vis external entities, such as clients and the public; and to internal entities, such as the organization's employees and management.

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aims & objectives


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